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Different than an outsourcing model, ServanTek is interested in becoming an extension of your team, as a trusted development partner, that takes an interest in your mission. ServanTek has continued to grow its custom software development team for the purpose of addressing the increasing needs of not-for-profit organizations around the world. From mobile device applications and web portals to organizational communications and learning systems, we partner with ministries and nonprofits to develop applications which address key needs and achieve mission-focused goals. Our model of service begins with a consultation in which we strive to understand, in detail, the problem that you are trying to solve with a system or software application. We then look to participate with your organization in defining potential solutions, sharing our experience and expertise, to the extent that you desire. Next we design and develop your system, continuously keeping you in the feedback loop.

The many benefits of using ServanTek as your software development team include lower costs, depth and breadth from a large team with significant experience, the ability to use our team only when needed and not have to continually pay staff and added creativity in defining the solutions to your problems. Whether your software development needs are for a single project or an ongoing large software system, we think that you will find ServanTek to be a great fit for your needs. Since we view ourselves as part of your team, you can always expect us to look for the best solution at the lowest cost, while also offering options to give you choice. We look forward to joining your team and leveraging our skills and resources to multiply the impact of your organization. 

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