With several years of experience working on WordPress websites, our team is constantly encountering and researching new plugins to make WordPress websites work best for our clients. Here are a few plugins we’ve found help our clients achieve their objectives online.

1. Elementor

The Elementor system is a premium page builder that allows you to make every one of your website pages unique and well-designed. You can easily adjust layouts using drag and drop functionality, while including a variety of built-in page elements. You can also purchase Elementor’s Ultimate Addons pack to gain even more page element options. This page builder offers endless possibilities with your page designs, while also offering ease of use for webmasters. The Elementor builder allows you to easily revert back to prior page versions, undo actions using the actions history tab, and save templates of any of your pages to reuse the formats elsewhere on your site.

2. Yoast

The Yoast plugin offers SEO assistance by allowing you to generate a sitemap, create metadata and setup focus keywords for each page of content on your site. The Yoast plugin is easy to use, and offers a preview of what your search result will look like on Google. While the free version of this plugin allows you to add a single focus keyword for each page, the premium version allows for multiple focus keywords per page, internal linking suggestions, and other advanced features.

3. Hide My WordPress Ghost

This plugin allows you to hide your admin login page, as well as other common WordPress file paths. By hiding these URLs, you can add a layer of protection from hackers that does not exist when you install WordPress out of the box. This plugin developer will also send you weekly security reports for your site.

4. Wordfence

Wordfence is a comprehensive security plugin that offers an endpoint firewall, malware scans, brute force attack prevention, IP blacklisting, and much more. This plugin is a powerful tool used by over 3 million website owners to protect from hackers, bots, and known security vulnerabilities. The Wordfence dashboard provides an overview of the security of your website, while the Live Traffic section allows you to view real-time activity on your site, including traffic from bots or other exploit attempts.

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