Do you currently have a recent website backup available in the case that something were to go terribly wrong with your website or hosting account? Do you know where that backup file is hosted, and how to access it and restore your site in the event of an emergency? If not, it’s critical that you contact your hosting provider and ask about backup options right now. Here are three reasons you need regularly scheduled website backups: 

No one is 100% protected from hacking.
Regardless of the platform your site is built on, a good hacker may be able to find a vulnerability to do some damage. While keeping your CMS updated may considerably reduce your risk, no site is impervious to attacks. That said, it’s critical to maintain a recent backup that would allow you to replace any deleted files or corrupted code in the event that your site were to be hacked.

Most likely, backup services are not included with your basic hosting package.
While many people mistakenly assume their host will be able to restore a website that has been hacked or otherwise corrupted, in most cases, backup services are not included with a basic hosting plan. However, many hosting providers do offer backup solutions for an additional monthly or annual fee, so it’s a good idea to check with your host to see what backup solutions you may be able to add to your hosting service. These offers typically have size limitations, so it’s important to be sure you purchase enough backup space to be able to save multiple copies of your site.

Accidents can and do happen. 
Whether it’s a matter of clicking the wrong button in your content management system and accidentally deleting hours of valuable work on your site, or performing a theme or plugin update that breaks the site, things can go wrong even when performing the mundane tasks of website maintenance. Having access to a recent backup of your site will save much frustration and potential downtime if and when something goes wrong.

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