3 Simple Nonprofit Website Content Ideas to Enhance and Refresh Your Existing Website Content

Does your nonprofit website need a refresh? Are you struggling to come up with new content ideas to engage constituents? Here are a few simple nonprofit website content ideas to create new content on a stagnant site.


Be Useful.

First, make sure your content is useful to your audience. On the ServanTek Blog, we aim to help fellow nonprofits improve their online presence. With that goal in mind, we craft each blog post to provide information that we believe will be most beneficial to the organizations we serve. This will obviously look a little different from one organization to the next, as each nonprofit has a distinct target audience. For example, a local animal rescue organization will likely be targeting a very different audience than an international missionary sending agency. The key is to find out what content will be most useful to your constituents, and provide valuable information to that audience. Sometimes, you may find that you already have some quality content on a given topic, and it simply needs to be updated with new keywords, or more relevant examples to be more useful to your audience. It’s a good idea to review previous articles and posts from time to time to see if they can be refreshed/reposted for today’s audience.


Go Live.

Another way to give your website content a refresh is to post some live videos. Whether you’re using Facebook Live, YouTube or another platform, posting live videos to your social networks, and repurposing these videos on your website will give your site visitors a good idea of the “who” and the “why” behind your organization. Some great opportunities for live videos would include fundraising events, volunteer events, day-to-day services of your organization, awareness events, fundraising walks/runs, etc.


Enhance Your Storytelling.

Are you currently sharing stories on your website? If not, now is the time to get started! Storytelling is a great way to get your message out and give examples of how your organization is making a difference in the lives of those you serve. Consider a feature on a specific individual your organization has helped. Consider featuring a volunteer whose life has been impacted through their volunteering. Another way to clearly communicate these stories is in a “Q and A” format using a transcript of an interview with either of these individuals. Whenever possible, be sure to include quality photos to help site visitors visualize the impact of your organization.

Need Help?

ServanTek offers website design services and support contracts. If you need help with your nonprofit website contact us today.